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Your Saiga 12 Specialists
Saiga as defined by is "a goatlike antelope, Saiga tatarica, of western Asia and eastern Russia, having a greatly enlarged muzzle.."   Even though yours may have a "greatly enlarged muzzle," We Do Not fix reliability issues with your antelope!  We do however, Service and Customize all types of Saiga Firearms (named after the antelope). 

The Saiga firearm is a variant of the AK family of firearms.  The Saiga-12 is a magazine fed, semi-automatic 12 gauge shotgun.  5, 8, 10, 12, and 20 round magazines can be used to supply the ammo, and the Saiga-12 is just as much at home in a tactical atmosphere as it is by the side of the bed for home defense. 

Please contact us for custom quote for your firearm.  We can also provide the parts, including the Saiga itself, if you wish to do the work yourself, but be aware that there are some Federal Laws that regulate the modification and assembly of imported firearms such as the Saiga. 

Listed below are a few of the ways we can help you can improve your Saiga (some items are model specific):

  • Perform complete Pistol Grip Conversion, returning your Saiga to its proper configuration and eliminating unnecessary linkage in the fire control group
  • Custom DuraCoat Firearms refinishing (available for all types of firearms and accessories)
  • Clearing blocked gas ports
  • Opening gas block to allow gas ports to properly exhaust
  • Barrel Shortening and threading
  • Install upgraded gas puck and gas plug for fine tuning of the gas system
  • Install reduced power recoil spring to help cycle lighter loads
  • Install performance power or competition power main spring to improve trigger operation and cycling
  • Install a Tri-rail or Quad-rail handguard to allow mounting of flashlight, laser, forward vertical grip, optics, and other accessories
  • Upgrade to a side folding or collapsible stock for better fit and control
  • Polishing the internal surfaces of the action to improve cycling
  • Optics mounting and laser boresighting

Please visit our Custom Firearms Gallery for some pictures of Saigas we have done.

More Videos Available on our YouTube Channel HERE!
The Saiga Fireams are imported in a "Sporter" configuration and many of them have flaws right from the factory.  We pride ourselves in identifying and addressing these issues.  We can also Customize and Modify your saiga for better balance, overall reliability, and a lot more FUN!
Please Click HERE to download our Custom Saiga 12 Order form.  EMAIL the completed form to us for an Estimate.